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Night To Fly

The movie is a window into the life of Chima, an African medical student who gets murdered in an alley in downtown Dallas while partying on his graduation night. Chima’s only family in America is his elder brother, Ike and his cousin Doris. The three of them are close so the two are completely devastated by Chima’s death.The family’s first action is to seek justice from the law. The actual murderers are arrested but are released for lack of evidence and other reasons. This development infuriates Doris whose views and perspectives in life are influenced by her traditional African beliefs. Most Africans generally believe in an eye for an eye. Ike on the other hand leans towards giving the law a chance to complete their investigation and rein the murderers in again. Ike’s views are influenced by the Western culture.

“Night to fly” is the first of a generation of movies that showcase the plight, the trials and tribulations of Africans that reside in America. The central theme of this first movie is revenge. The story examines the theme of revenge from two angles, a traditional African angle and a Western angle.

An assassin called “The owl” is hired by the family for an appointed night. On that night, pending a final word from his employers, The Owl would supposedly fly and wreak vengeance for the slain medical student. But would that final word be given? Would Ike’s more Western views be strong enough to convince Doris that The Owl was not the way to go? Would Doris’s more Traditional African beliefs have Ike abandon his views and see that revenge was indeed the way? Whatever the outcome, their lives would never be the same again. The consequence of their decision that night they would have to live with the rest of their lives. Watch…

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