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Nene Nwoko, would rightly be said to have been born into a family with flair for arts. She actually did not read any of the arts, but the gene could not be suppressed. It seems now she has found expression for the arts nagging in her as she featured prominently in A Night to Fly, the latest movie sensation in the USA from the black (African) clan.

The film hit the market at the behest of Nigerians who felt the composition of the movie sector in USA negates the presence of the Africans who would rightly be called part of that society.
She soars away in this flick and promises that in this film, which awaits the endorsement of the Nigerian Films Censors Board to be marketed at home, she just introduced a stamp of authority that would leave her fingerprints all over the industry in the years to come.

Nene featured in the film as Doris and has left people wondering what heights she would attain in the sector and why she waited this long to make her debut in the movie world where it looks like she is poised to take watchers by storm and redefine acting, the creative Nigerian way.

It is very easy to get consumed by your hunger to be famous that you lose all sense of judgment. The same world that will celebrate you for being fantastic in what you do, is the same world that will tear you into pieces.

She obliged us this piece of her mind and plans in the movie world this chat online.

The ‘Doris’ act
Preparing for the role was not difficult. I didn’t have to study anyone who acts a certain way or anything like that. The most important thing for me was to listen to the director. I knew he had a great vision of how he wanted the movie to be. My job was to listen to him and reproduce his instructions with my personal touch on the character.

Role model
There are a great number of actors and actresses who do a fantastic job in the entertainment industry. They do more than just regurgitate a script. Instead they give the story a face and a name and make the audience feel what the story is saying.

A few of those people are Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Nia Long and in the men department are people like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Matt Damon. I also have a few of the older generation actors who made acting very interesting to me personally. People like Cary Grant, Sidney Poitier, Eva Gardner, Robert Redford. The list goes on! These are people who embody any part they play so well to the point that you find it hard to separate them from the roles.

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